Called to England


Knowing that I would soon receive my bachelors in Biblical Studies and Theology (with a minor in English), I sought His direction in my life and was surprised that He answered so quickly, England!

He also said Ministry.

Do I presently know what type of ministry? No.

Do I have a job there? No

Do I have the money to move? No

Are all my kids sorted out as to where they would live? No, not all of them.

Has God asked me to give my landlord notice that I was moving out by August 1st? And then woke me up at 2:30 am to do it? Yes

Are there a million things that could go wrong? Yes

Am I at times more than a little freaked out by it all…Heck Yes

But do I trust God? That is the question! If I am compelled by God to move to England then do I trust Him to work out the details (and to Him those are all minor details)….YES!!!!

Why do I trust Him? Because in all the times that I ever turned to Him and said help, or please, or why?…He never, and I mean NEVER left me to fend for myself or go without the comfort I so needed.

He is so very, very good!

If you are a Christian you know this already, and if you are not, I hope that you will some day.

Jesus loves you-is more that a bumper sticker, it’s the truth!

Update 11/13/2014

With the birth of my first grandchild Felix, I find my self still in America and grateful that I am. I am not sure what God has in store for me but I know that it will be good.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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