Does fear of the future have its grip on you?

You were at a place.

It was a good place.

Your faith was strong.

Your trust in God was solid.

But life…

slowly but surely,

trust begins to fade,

and fear takes its place,

and becomes all you see…

But God…

He is still the same!

He is with you now!

He is trustworthy!

He will make a way!

But faith…

It is the key.

It is your choice.

Faith or fear?

How now will you live?


God put this on my heart for someone. May you know how much you are loved and just how trustworthy he is.


God is not finished with you yet!


I know His history and the kind of God He is

He might make it a mystery

But He’s proving I can trust in Him

And yeah, I believe it


So I can pick myself back up

And keep on telling me

No, my God’s not done

Making me a masterpiece

No, my God’s not done


He started something good and I’m gonna believe it

He started something good and He’s gonna complete it

So I’ll celebrate the truth

His work in me ain’t through

I’m just unfinished