10 minutes of your time can be invaluable to this family

Ever since my son Eric (who has autism) was hospitalized and diagnosed with epilepsy I have been unable to work outside the home, as I need to be with him 24/7. Therefore I am trying my best to find an avenue to make money at home (I am not into selling). To that end I have worked extremely hard to design my first course (189 videos) on the Ten commandments. I am asking for everyone to please consider going to this site

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Then checking out the course just a little and giving the best review that you feel possible.

Udemy encourages its course designers to do this as a way to get the course noticed. FREEBLOG50

I have been blessed with one person’s help and could really use yourse.

Again. I am just hoping to use the education, gifting , and talents that God has given me to become self sufficient, and give Eric more opportunities to get out and do things that only money can buy, instead of sitting in his room (all he wants to do at present). As well as give me the ability to pay all of my bills and buy more food. To do this however need I boost from some friends.


It may take a total of 10 to 20 minutes out of your day and I understand how busy everyone is, but would really be encouraged and appreciate any help.

The coupon is still valid. Please make sure the cart has a 0.00 balance after applying it. If any

Again it will cost you nothing but time and will mean the world me me. Thank you for reading this far. God Bless. FREEBLOG50


One more thing the course is priced at 199.99 but courses are not designed to sell at their base price but at the sale price (Usually 10-12 dollars) Udemy takes half that so I would only get 5.00 a person (for those who buy) they tell me that for every good review I have a potential of 1,000 people buying it. I know the course it rough but I hope to put the money I make into getting better audio equipment and to take all that I have learned and design a better overall course.

More than anything your participation would give me the encouragement to keep going. FREEBLOG50

Please PM me with any problems.


FREE Ten Commandments Course (Regular Price $199)

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I need your Help!!

This course has 189 videos, 12 pdf’s, 11 quizzes, and 1 final exam…all designed to give you a basic overview of the ten commandments, I put a lot of time into this (189 slides, 189 audio fixes, 189 video,s…etc), and would love this course to be the first of many.

But I very much need your help.

I need people to view the course and if they like it to give the best review they can, and if they do not like it let me know so I can potentially fix things. I will give the first 50 People who view the course a FREE coupon. So it will be totally FREE. Do not worry, You do not have to watch every video ( i think they allow you to review it after watching only 5 or so).

IF you have any problems Please let me know. The code is FREEBLOG50 just put that in when checking out and it will be totally free.

Thank you and God Bless!