A Good word from Casting Crowns

There is a difference between the persons we are called to be and the persons we are.

We have to choose to follow through on God’s leading and obey him daily no matter what,

or we will continue chasing our own ideas and will fall short of His plan for us.

The truth only feels unnatural because it’s new, not because it’s wrong.

Practice makes perfect! Practice walking in God’s truth today. -Casting Crowns

Why is is not silly to give away a million dollars and live off 36,000



“[People say] that’s just silly to give [away a million dollars and live off 36,000]. People are just constantly…’don’t you go living by faith [because it’s not the responsible thing to do]’…

I am done with it!

I want to stand here and brag about my God who has come through for me since day one, from believing in Him like a little kid.

Going, man I can give every single thing away!!

I can take my family through the valley of the shadow of death, in October we are going to India, China, Thailand, and my God is going to be with me!

And we can give and do anything and I am tired of people telling me. ‘oh no! Now you’ve got to be responsible because you are older. Because you have four kids, you’ve got this, you’ve got that.’

No! I’ve got the same Shepard!!!

I have the same Shepard!!!!!

Francis Chan