Trusting God for provision for the residents of …

Blessed is the one who considers the poor! In the day of trouble the Lord delivers him;

Psalm 41:1

Hi everyone,

I want to say upfront that I do not know any of the people who live in the building, but I became aware of their awful situation through an article in the paper that a friend shared.

I am praying that some of you will take the time to watch the video that documents the inhumane ways these residents (most elderly and disabled) are being treated by the new owners of this building.

I am passing on their information in hopes that you can prayerful consider sharing this information with your friends and/or giving towards getting the residents into a (hopefully) better place to live.

I am also linking (below) to the article in the newspaper that I read and the residents you tube channel (which documents everything).

Please consider reading and sharing these as well. Thank you! And God Bless you!!

Father God, I am praying for the residents of this building. I know that you see them, and trust that you will make a way to provide new homes for them. I also pray that more and more people will see their plight so that the city will take action against Dimension Townhouses, (Dimension Properties / Dimension Property Management). The residents have been through so much, I pray that you will bring about a good outcome for them. In Jesus name Amen!

Psalm 41:1 Blessed is the one who considers the poor! In the day of trouble the Lord delivers him.

Trusting for Gods provision


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Ever since graduating high school my daughter Maryjo  has been living in Boston and supporting herself by waitressing (not an easy job especially when she makes the minimum of under four dollars an hour).. She has done this this while taking five classes at a time and getting all A’s at UMass. I am super proud of her and would love to support her financially but unfortunately do not have the ability to do so in the way I would like.

She got accepted to a study abroad program and while she has worked hard to save for the extra costs, as she says “there was no way to prepare for my school granting a couple thousand less in scholarships this semester than every previous due to their climbing debt and consequent budget cuts.”

Her goal is to be able to speak the language so that she can ultimately use her law degree to help other who have no representation.

Thank you for reading this far. Please consider giving or as she said”if you can’t/don’t want to offer money, I am always accepting prayers and well wishes.”

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