This miracle happened today…


This Christmas I was blessed to get a present. It was a beautiful coat. 

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A few weeks later I went out to a coffee house and left it on a chair.

I am very forgetful so I was not absolutely sure where I left it.

I went back and asked about the coat. The girl got a smirk on her face. Then she went in the back, laughed and came out and in a strange voice told me they had nothing like that.

It seemed clear she was lying but I cannot stand confrontation so I left.

I was heartsick over the loss of the jacket. Not only did I love the jacket but I did not want to disappoint the young men who gave it to me.

A week passed.Then one night after spending time with God He told me to go back.

I didn’t want to, but listened to Him, even though I was nervous (I am bad with faces and I did not want to run into the same girl).

On the way there I asked God to let a guy be up front. There was.

I asked Him, he went to the back and came out with the jacket!!

I was amazed. But I shouldn’t of been. God is faithful!! He never tells us to do anything without a reason!!

He can be trusted!!!!!

Putting these on will give us perfect vision

Trust concept.

God is faithful!

So easy to forget when you view your future through the wrong lenses.

When God asks us to trust him, then we are to put our blinders on. So that only He is in our view. 

If we don’t we are sure to get sidetracked by things like fear of how “this” is going to work, or how “that” is not going to cause us to crash and burn.

God does not call us to figure it out. He calls us to trust Him.

Which we can do knowing that He will NEVER let us down because

He is faithful!