This miracle happened today…


This Christmas I was blessed to get a present. It was a beautiful coat. 

Read more about this Christmas gift here

A few weeks later I went out to a coffee house and left it on a chair.

I am very forgetful so I was not absolutely sure where I left it.

I went back and asked about the coat. The girl got a smirk on her face. Then she went in the back, laughed and came out and in a strange voice told me they had nothing like that.

It seemed clear she was lying but I cannot stand confrontation so I left.

I was heartsick over the loss of the jacket. Not only did I love the jacket but I did not want to disappoint the young men who gave it to me.

A week passed.Then one night after spending time with God He told me to go back.

I didn’t want to, but listened to Him, even though I was nervous (I am bad with faces and I did not want to run into the same girl).

On the way there I asked God to let a guy be up front. There was.

I asked Him, he went to the back and came out with the jacket!!

I was amazed. But I shouldn’t of been. God is faithful!! He never tells us to do anything without a reason!!

He can be trusted!!!!!

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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