When mature Christians go hungry it’s because of this


God is stirring up something in me lately and as a result some things are starting to bug me.

Now for those of you that know me, you will know that I am, for the most part a very positive person, and yet here I am bugged.

But even more than being bugged I am sad.

Why? Because we are supposed to be a people of simple faith!!!!!!!!

We are supposed to be those who are like children. A people who simply believe God!!

And yet we as Christians have chosen to mostly rely on ourselves, resulting in our becoming a people who do not really believe that God could do “Awesome and Amazing Things” through us or through others.

Jesus himself said in Matthew 19:14, “Let the little children come to me, and stop keeping them away, because the kingdom from heaven belongs to people like these.

Who does heaven belong too?

Those who simply believe.

Think about it!! When a child is playing outside and they hear the call from their mom “Dinner!” they do not stop and think “hmmm I wonder if I should go inside. There probably is not food there, I will probably look stupid if I go to the table! My friends will think I am a sucker for believing there is food, so I better stay outside even though I am hungry.”


A Child simply goes to the table and is fed!!!

We need to start believing and then acting on the things that God is putting on our hearts!!!! We need to go to His table and be fed!!!

Come on Christians, God wants to change the world through us!!!!!

But He cannot do that if we refuse to come in from the cold!!!


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A story about an Angel, a sheep, and renewed strength


God wants us to hold on to His promises even when it looks like they will never come true and that He has abandoned us.

Below author and speaker Shelia Walsh talks about holding on and trusting God, even when it feels as if we have been abandoned by Him.

She discusses what it was like to go from Christian TV host in the morning and Physic Ward patient in the evening, She talks about how, even though she “felt” abandoned, God let her know that He was with her.

I think it’s interesting that so often the promises of God become most real when you find yourself in a place that’s almost the antithesis of the promise. …
Romans 8 is one of my favorite chapters of the Bible. It begins with, “No condemnation,” and ends with, “No separation.” And I used to cling onto that, that nothing can separate us from the love of God.
But in that place where I felt like I’d been abandoned, I discovered that God knew exactly — in fact, I had an encounter with an angel, the only one I’ve ever been aware of, before or since — about 3:00 in the morning… I heard someone come into my room and I didn’t even look up, but they walked right up to me and stood in front of me and I saw a man’s feet, so I looked up. Looked to me just like a hospital worker going off duty, but he put something in my hands, and it was a little -it was a lamb, like a stuffed toy, and he turned and went to the door, and when he got to the door, he stopped and he turned around and he said, “Sheila, the Shepherd knows where to find you.”
And at the darkest moment in my life, when I felt as if anything that gave me any value as a human being, I heard the greatest news of my life, that no matter how lost you feel, the Shepherd knows where to find you.

I heard her tell that story years ago during a Women of Faith conference and it always stuck with me because it shows that it does not matter how we “feel,” we as Christians need to daily walk in the truth that we are never alone!

If God has promised you something, hold on to that promise, and hold on to God because He is holding on to you!

You are not alone!!!


Story: http://www.turningpointzone.com/sheila-walsh

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If we build it He will come (and bring this with Him)


Those that know me, or have been following my story here, will know that I have one phase embedded deep within me…

God is Faithful!!!!!

So it does not matter that I look a little bit like Noah, building a boat in a desert for 120 years, because in exactly the right time, in His time,  I know that God will bring the rain!!!

It is in these times where we do not see God working that we have to remind ourselves of how faithful God was to us in the past.

Are you waiting on a miracle? 


God is faithful to bring it!!!!

Do you need direction?


God is faithful to give it!!!!!

Do you need restoration?


God is faithful to restore!!!!!!!

If we are earnestly seeking His will for our lives, He will lead us.

As the John 11 reminds us, He is “The Good Shepard.” 

So if you are submitted to Him then it doesn’t matter what it looks like in the natural, He is faithful to get you to where you need to be!!!

It really does not matter how many people tell you that you are crazy,or how many times you have doubted yourself.

God is faithful for His sake and for ours!!!

Keep building your ark!!

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