Don’t let this one thing stop your miracle from happening


In Mark 5:36 Jesus said…

Do not fear, only believe.” (ESV)
Don’t be afraid; just believe.” (NIV)
Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.” (NLT)
Do not be seized with alarm and struck with fear; only keep on believing.” (AMP)
Don’t listen to them; just trust me.” (The Message)

No matter how you slice it that is the word of God to us.

He wants us to stop being so afraid of what we think can happen and just believe and do what He is telling us to do.

In the case above Jesus was talking to a man who wanted to Jesus to heal his daughter but was met with discouragement in the form of a well meaning friend who told him that it was to late, to not bother Jesus any further.

How many of us are on the brink of a miracle when a well meaning friend or family member comes alongside us, puts a arm around out shoulder and says, “Its to late for you, it’s best to give up that dream.” Or “What you are believing for is never going to happen. It is better you quit now before people start to call you crazy, you lose your job, you lose your home, you lose your friends…” etc.

How many of us will find out when we get to heaven that if we just simply believed Jesus and held fast to His promises just a little bit longer that we would have seen amazing things happen?

God wants to do great things through you so that others may see His work in your life and come to know Him. Yet God is stopped when we let our fear override our faith!!

If God is telling you to believe for something big, if it lines up with scripture, and you have asked God to redirect your steps if it is not Him, and He is still asking you to simply believe His word and press in, then Press in!!

Don’t quit, don’t give up!

Every time fear creeps in go to God in prayer and worship and Keep Going!!

I am cheering you on!!

I am praying for you!!!

With Christ all things are possible if you simply believe!!!!!!

Now that is something to get excited about!




If you have been reduced to God being

your only hope, you are in a good place. ~ Jim Laffoon

Why is that?

Because as the old saying goes “When you are down to nothing God is up to something.”

When I finally started living for God I thought, “I am just going to take Him at His word. I am just going to trust and see if He comes through.”

What I found was that He always, ALWAYS made a way where I thought there could be no way.

There were too many “coincidences” for them to not be “miracles.”

So these days when I find myself in a position of needing God to come through, or it all seems to be falling apart, I tend to freak out a little first (though those periods are getting shorter and shorter), before I remind myself of how good God is. How He has never let me down before.

And then it hits me,

I start feeling over the top EXCITED!!!

I am so freaken excited right now because I need to see God come through in a huge way and I know that He will!!!

As the Bible says in Ephesians 6:13 we are to do our part and “after [we] have done everything, [we are] to stand.

And I believe that He wants us to stand, waiting with expectant hope.

What miricale do you need to happen? Do all you can do and then stand!

And while you are standing, waiting excitedly for God to do something amazing, tell others about your journey.

The world needs encouragement but more than anything they need God.

They need to know him as their loving father who will never leave them.

When you allow the joy of the Lord to turn to excitement you are like a lighthouse standing on a hill. People cannot help but notice.

And when He comes through for you, Talk About It!!!!!!

Do not hide your light!!!


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How trusting God caused my world to come crashing in


This the update to my “A Christmas Miracle” blog post. For those that did not read it…basically God led me to have nothing prepared for Christmas for my family.

And to spend my money on other (needed) things and to trust Him to make it right.

Because I have four children (who are not so little anymore but still live at home), and because those children are used to getting spoiled at Christmas (even when I cannot afford it), this caused me great anxiety.

Every time I thought of how (potentially) my last Christmas with my children all under one roof would be an empty one, I began to feel like my world was crashing in around me.

But Faith

Yet I kept coming back to faith…simple, uncomplicated faith!

How could I trust Jesus to “save” me when I refused to trust Him to feed me. How could I trust him for all eternity when I could not trust him for one Christmas?

On my own I was shaky so I had to get back to solid ground.

I got out my Bible and read about how

The Scripture says, No man who believes in Him

[who adheres to, relies on, and trusts in Him]

will [ever] be put to shame or be disappointed.

(Romans 10:11 Amplified version).

I thought of all the people watching how all this “trusting God” business is going to play out… I realized that trusting God for Christmas is just a trial run for England and the rest of my future.

So I just allowed Him  the space He needed to show His goodness.

Any boy did He ever!

The Result

In the interest of brevity (something I am told is important in a blog post, and is something I am not very good at) I will just say that not only did God provide for every need we had (food, drink, etc) but He also took the focus off of the things and put it on our time together (not to mention Him).

As a result I spent two solid days hanging out with my family and talking and laughing…

We also went bowling…yes bowling. We are not big bowlers but we went on Christmas eve…at God’s leading…so much fun! And so many beautiful moments…like when I watched one child help another…so cool.

The Topper

And to top it off, God made sure there was a present for each of us under the tree…they were beyond awesome…mine made me cry because it is something I have wanted for a very long time.

There was a defining moment when we watched something on tv and one of the main characters said something like “people don’t often realize when they are living them, that one day these will be the moments that they wish they could re-live .”

Then it hit me

What gift God gave to me.

The Gift

The gift of foresight. How being able to drink in every second and really live in the moment with my beloved family.

In the hustle and bustle of Christmas, and daily living,  so many great moments often go unnoticed.  This gift of clarity has been a wake up call to me. I pray that I steward this gift well.

One Last Thing

He showed me that just as a bowling pins scatter, they are always made straight and set upright in the end…just like those who trust in Him.

Is your world crashing in around you? Trust in Gods good plan for your life and you will not be put to shame.


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What it means to have God as father

To know God as Father means to have a healer who will calm the storms that rage within. It means to have a father who will help you to “be strong, courageous, and firm; [and] be not in terror … for it is the Lord your God who goes with you; He will not fail you or forsake you.”[1] To know God as Father means to know what it is like to have a father who is “gracious and merciful, slow to anger, [and] abundant in kindness.[2] And it means being able to trust a father who will never hurt you or let you down. You can trust God! He is with you now.

(Taken from Chapter two of my Book To Know God as Father

[1] (Deuteronomy 31:6 AMP)
[2] (Nehemiah 9:17 AMP).

8 Days and 7 Reasons Why


So I was a work yesterday and I got the thought to count how many more work days until the new year. I was both surprised and sad to find that I would be working only eight more days.  

Surprised because it just seemed like it was just October. Sad because it was in October that I trusted God’s leading in my life and gave notice to my employers that I would be leaving at the end of December.

Leaving a job is never easy, but leaving a job that you love, that gives you the money you need to pay your bills and feed your family, and that allows you to work with some awesome people is really hard.

Not to mention the fact that I am leaving  in order to stay home, go through everything I own, sell most of it, and then pack the rest in order to move to a Country that I have never been to , and that I do not currently even have a job in.

So why am I doing this?

Why do I insist on planning for a future that seems about as likely as one in which chickens lay square eggs?

For these seven reasons.

1. God is leading me to do this

When I gave my life to Christ I ceased to be the owner of it. I gave the one who designed me, who knows me better than myself, control.

It was not a big sacrifice because I had not really been doing that great a job of controlling it on my own.

Honestly, I was a flat-out mess and as I look back over the 13 years that God has been leading me, I see that He has never once led me to do anything that has been destructive in my life.

 So while it looks like I may crash and burn, I know that the “unknown” is really just smoke and mirrors.

2. God answers my prayers

Every time that I have a major decision in my life I bring it to God. Or to be truthful, usually I panic first, then I bring it to God.

Sometimes God will throw open the doors for me, sometimes He will slam them shut, and sometimes I will feel as if I am blindfolded and led step by step before He will reveal the answer.

But never is my prayer ignored, or lost in the shuffle. God hears every prayer and responds in exactly the way He needs to, to get the desired result.

3. God always provided for all my needs

I have been a widow for 5 and ½ years now.  Before losing my husband to cancer, I, for the most part, leaned on him to supply our family’s needs.

Since Allan has been gone, it is all God, all the time. And in all these years He has never once let me or my children starve, or go without anything that is needed.

So if God provided in the past, why would He not do so in the future.

4. God’s word says he is “Trustworthy”

 Over and over in the Bible it talks about how trustworthy God is. All I need to do is to open up his word and read verses, such as those below, to be strengthened.

               “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” ~ Joshua 1:9


              “Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.” ~ Psalm 9:10

The word (the Bible) is not just ink on paper, it is alive and God leads me through it.

5. God has compelled me

Although I like adventure, I do not like change. I am not one to want to live in a new city every two years, like the friends of my mom.

So while I have always wanted to go to England, I would probably never have moved there as it would have required me to leave the 24 square foot radius I like to call home.

But when God has called you and He compels you to go, it changes everything. I often feel as if I am strapped to the front of a Plane, with England as the target. I could not stop this if I tried, not would I want to.

 6. God has counted my days

My husband was only 49 when he left here, my friend’s son only 19. We just do not know how long we have, but despite what the world says, it is not a “crapshoot.”.

God formed me in my mother’s womb and He has counted my days. He has amazing plans for my life that I cannot even imagine.

 So I need to allow him to do the work He needs to do in me so that I can see those plans come to fruition, before my time is up.

 7.  God loves me

God is love! Period. He is the source of all love. He is not hate, or fear, or lack, or misfortune. He is LOVE!

And He loves me (and you) with an everlasting and passionate love.

You are not an accident, nor am I. Because He loves me I know that everything will fall into place just as it should.


So yes I am in the process of letting go of a lot of things,

but I am grabbing ahold of so much more.

And even though I may not yet know what I will one day hold,

I know that it will be amazing because I have a Father who loves me,

who looks out for me, and who is leading me into all good things.

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