Have a powerful year by doing this simple thing

Why are we so afraid to trust God?

Why do we insist on doing things our own way?

Is it that we have forgotten:

Who we serve

The great and awesome God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments.- Nehemiah 1:5 (ESV)

His Faithfulness

The Lord will not abandon his chosen people, for that would dishonor his great name. – 1 Samuel 12:22 (ASV)

His Love

His loving kindness is everlasting. – Psalm 136:4 (NASB)

His ability

Is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think. – Ephesians 3:20 (ASV)

We are not in this alone!

God told us to keep our focus on Him and everything else would be added to us because He knew the strength that we will receive when meditating on how awesome and amazing He is, is enough to get us through any situation that life throws at us. 

When we keep our focus on our problems it is easy to find ourselves dragging through each day. But when we keep our focus on who He is, who He has always been, we are refreshed and strengthened and able to do all that we are called to do, and then some.

If you are tired of being tired, if you feel that you are just barely getting through the day, press into focusing on God. 

Look up scriptures that talk of Gods character and meditate on them.

Let this coming year be the year that you stop living in your worry and fear and begin to live fully in the strength and power of the God who loves you so.

Don’t let this one thing stop your miracle from happening


In Mark 5:36 Jesus said…

Do not fear, only believe.” (ESV)
Don’t be afraid; just believe.” (NIV)
Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.” (NLT)
Do not be seized with alarm and struck with fear; only keep on believing.” (AMP)
Don’t listen to them; just trust me.” (The Message)

No matter how you slice it that is the word of God to us.

He wants us to stop being so afraid of what we think can happen and just believe and do what He is telling us to do.

In the case above Jesus was talking to a man who wanted to Jesus to heal his daughter but was met with discouragement in the form of a well meaning friend who told him that it was to late, to not bother Jesus any further.

How many of us are on the brink of a miracle when a well meaning friend or family member comes alongside us, puts a arm around out shoulder and says, “Its to late for you, it’s best to give up that dream.” Or “What you are believing for is never going to happen. It is better you quit now before people start to call you crazy, you lose your job, you lose your home, you lose your friends…” etc.

How many of us will find out when we get to heaven that if we just simply believed Jesus and held fast to His promises just a little bit longer that we would have seen amazing things happen?

God wants to do great things through you so that others may see His work in your life and come to know Him. Yet God is stopped when we let our fear override our faith!!

If God is telling you to believe for something big, if it lines up with scripture, and you have asked God to redirect your steps if it is not Him, and He is still asking you to simply believe His word and press in, then Press in!!

Don’t quit, don’t give up!

Every time fear creeps in go to God in prayer and worship and Keep Going!!

I am cheering you on!!

I am praying for you!!!

With Christ all things are possible if you simply believe!!!!!!

Now that is something to get excited about!




If you have been reduced to God being

your only hope, you are in a good place. ~ Jim Laffoon

Why is that?

Because as the old saying goes “When you are down to nothing God is up to something.”

When I finally started living for God I thought, “I am just going to take Him at His word. I am just going to trust and see if He comes through.”

What I found was that He always, ALWAYS made a way where I thought there could be no way.

There were too many “coincidences” for them to not be “miracles.”

So these days when I find myself in a position of needing God to come through, or it all seems to be falling apart, I tend to freak out a little first (though those periods are getting shorter and shorter), before I remind myself of how good God is. How He has never let me down before.

And then it hits me,

I start feeling over the top EXCITED!!!

I am so freaken excited right now because I need to see God come through in a huge way and I know that He will!!!

As the Bible says in Ephesians 6:13 we are to do our part and “after [we] have done everything, [we are] to stand.

And I believe that He wants us to stand, waiting with expectant hope.

What miricale do you need to happen? Do all you can do and then stand!

And while you are standing, waiting excitedly for God to do something amazing, tell others about your journey.

The world needs encouragement but more than anything they need God.

They need to know him as their loving father who will never leave them.

When you allow the joy of the Lord to turn to excitement you are like a lighthouse standing on a hill. People cannot help but notice.

And when He comes through for you, Talk About It!!!!!!

Do not hide your light!!!


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