Why “I Am” is better than “I”


“But when he saw the wind boisterous,

he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying,

Lord, save me.” – Matthew 14:30

Went to the vet yesterday. Things were going well until they told me that the rabies vaccine that the cats needed has been recalled and they are not sure when they are going to get it in again.

This is the same vaccine that they need at least 21 days before travel, there is less then 2 months before  I am supposed to leave my home (I gave the landlord notice as per Gods leading), so this makes things a little bit stressful (if I choose not to give it all to God).

I do not currently believe that(in the natural) between kids, cats, home, and a million other things, that really anymore could be added to my plate without it shattering from the weight of it all.

But then there is God!

This morning I woke to the following lyrics playing in my head:

You’re the one who conquers giants

You’re the one who calls out kings

You shut the mouths of lions

You tell the dead to breathe

You’re the one who walks through fire

You take the orphan’s hand

You are the one Messiah

You are I AM

Hallelujah you live in me

Hallelujah you live in Me

I couldn’t help but smile.

I am such a human.

I start to get so sidetracked and wonder how “I” am supposed to do it all. How “I” am supposed to fit the pieces together.

God is probably shaking His head saying, “Hello, remember me? I AM in control, I AM the answer to all the questions, I AM able to work it all out, I AM enough!

So while I like to be in control, I see a beauty in the chaos.

Because when all is said and done it will be God who gets the credit.  

Miracles have a way of doing that.


Lyrics written by MercyMe from the album The Hurt & The Healer

On the verge of a miracle


As I have said before, for  years now God usually wakes me up with a certain song or verse playing in my head, which is meant to guide me in some way.

This morning the line was “Your on the verge of a miracle.”

This is an encouragement, as I am in need of one. 

God had me tell my landlord I am moving out by August 1st. That is only two short months away.

God has placed on my heart a huge desire to go to England and has given me some money to move but I am waiting for a miracle to happen and a door that only He can open to swing wide.

But that said, I know Gods leading enough in my life that I am willing to keep doing what He is leading me to do, even though I may appear very, very, very foolish.

Today I am going to spend a fair amount of money taking cats to a vet to begin the process of what they need to get to England.

Do I want to waste the money I have on something that will not be necessary if Ido not receive my miracle?

Not at all.

But again God has lead me here.

After prayer and fasting I know that he would not have led me to the edge of a sea, with what feels like Egyptians on my back, unless He was about to do something big.

What it boils down to is I trust God because I know Him. 

He would not be leading me in such a way if I did not trust Him.

Do you trust God to lead you to places where you need a miracle or you are sunk?

Do you really trust Him with everything?

Tell Him, and then hang on because its going to be a bumpy ride.

But worth it in the end.



Why else are we here



So i am not going to lie, I am a person who likes my bubble space. I am an introvert by nature and love that I have my own room that I can go to relax in.

Last night though,  I did not have it. Because last night I shared my room with a  friend who needed to get away from a rough situation.

This morning it hit me that this is what it is all about.

Life is not about making sure that you get your bubble space, life is about reaching out, being the hands and feet of Christ in a fallen world.

I love my sweet friend, and I hurt for what she is going through. I also know that I am not the only one who is hurting for her. God is too.

God brought us together for many reasons and this is one of them.

I am trusting God to get me to the land He called me to, not because I have physical proof that He will do so, but because I know that God loves us so much that He places us exactly where we need to be in order to reach those who need to hear his heart for them.

In a world that screams “It’s all about me” I am realizing that the truth is “It’s all about Him and his plans for me to reach out to others.”

So whether my friend stays another night, or fifty more, I am in. And I am excited to share the love of Christ with her, to be her soft spot to land in a harsh world.

There are many more that need the same, my prayer is that God will reveal one (or many) to you today.

As we reach out and lift others up, we will soon realize that God is lifting us up as well.

Photo = © svetaorlova – Fotolia.com