Just say no

Copyright Chris Lamphear


He would not permit the demons

to speak, because they knew him.

– Mark 1:34 (ESV)


How profound is that statement  He would not permit the demons to speak. Why  wouldn’t Jesus do so “because they knew him.” 

As we are disciples of Jesus it follows that Satan and his demons also know who we are, how we think, where our weakness’s lay.

And because Satan is the father of lies, and is our enemy who wants to take us out at any cost, we need do as Jesus did and not permit him to speak his lies over us and our family

We need to say “No!” whenever he tries to tell us lies such as:

You will never control your eating.

You will never accomplish anything.

Your kids will never amount to anything.

Your marriage is doomed to fail.

Your business will fail.

Your stupid.

Your ugly.

You will never change.

God does not love you as much as her.

Just give up!

We need to keep a watch for the lies of the enemy and Just say no to them. Remember what the Bible tells us…

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

– James 4:7 (ESV)

Christianity is not a spectator sport. Be watchful, resist the enemy, and follow God’s leading and you will be amazed at where he leads you to.


What we need to live like


There is a line in a song that asks

Do I live like your love is true?

I love that !

What a radical thing it would be if we, as Christians would do just that.

If we would trust God enough to actually do what He calls us to do (even if we are scared or even if we have to wait), because we know that He loves us enough to be watching over us and will guide us to where He wants to be.

So often I think God could not be saying that to me, and I remain silent.

I tell myself it is not God, because in reality I am afraid that if I step out I might look stupid, or might get myself in a bad situation.

But living like God actually really loves me, means not holding back.

It means following my father’s lead and not being afraid because I KNOW that He LOVES ME and will get me to where I need to be.

I am tired of living as a laid back Christian.


We are called to be radical.


After all Jesus did just that and we are supposed to follow Him.

And to be radical we just need to live like we are loved!!!


Song lyrics from Live Like That (Sidewalk Prophets)