When you see no way out

This is a real chariot wheel found in the read sea. There are many more.

This is a real chariot wheel found in the read sea. There are many more.

Don’t be afraid! Be brave, and you will see the Lord save you today….
The Lord will fight for you, and you won’t have to do a thing.
                                             Exodus 14:13-14

“Just follow my lead.” That is the essence of what God told me morning after morning. Before I could even open my eyes I was reminded of how much I could trust him, and to follow His lead.
At first I was confused. I ask Him, “Why do you have to keep reminding me to follow you, haven’t I been doing so for the last almost sixteen years?” I asked Him.
I should have known.
I should have known then it would get a little rough.
Like the Israelites marching toward the red Sea I followed Him, unaware of the seeming unstoppable wall that would soon appear to keep me from the very place the God had called me to.
Not only were the Israelites faced with not being able to move forward and not being able to move back they also were also faced with the fact that if they stayed where they were they would appear to meet their doom, for the Egyptians were closing in behind them, and there was way out….but through!!!
God parted something that’s water volume is with a water volume of about 233000 cu. km.. Could you even imagine how hard that would be for humans to accomplish? The power it would take? And yet at the right and appointed time God did it. God parted the problem, God parted the wall that was standing in their way. And then closed it on their enemeys who threatened to destroy their dreams.
God is all knowing, all seeing, and all powerful!!!
There is nothing that He cannot do!!!
God wants us to trust Him.
God wants us to trust that though He has lead us to a place of what seems to have no escape, that He will get us to where we need to be.
If your back is against the wall and you see no way out, keep holding on to God get excited because you are about to see a miracle happen.
When you have no fight left in you, you are spent, God will fight for you.
Don’t give up, don’t lose hope. The Lord is on your side.
Yesterday a door appeared to shut firmly on England, but I will not lose hope, I will not lose faith, God lead me to this place and He alone will see me through!

On the verge of a miracle


As I have said before, for  years now God usually wakes me up with a certain song or verse playing in my head, which is meant to guide me in some way.

This morning the line was “Your on the verge of a miracle.”

This is an encouragement, as I am in need of one. 

God had me tell my landlord I am moving out by August 1st. That is only two short months away.

God has placed on my heart a huge desire to go to England and has given me some money to move but I am waiting for a miracle to happen and a door that only He can open to swing wide.

But that said, I know Gods leading enough in my life that I am willing to keep doing what He is leading me to do, even though I may appear very, very, very foolish.

Today I am going to spend a fair amount of money taking cats to a vet to begin the process of what they need to get to England.

Do I want to waste the money I have on something that will not be necessary if Ido not receive my miracle?

Not at all.

But again God has lead me here.

After prayer and fasting I know that he would not have led me to the edge of a sea, with what feels like Egyptians on my back, unless He was about to do something big.

What it boils down to is I trust God because I know Him. 

He would not be leading me in such a way if I did not trust Him.

Do you trust God to lead you to places where you need a miracle or you are sunk?

Do you really trust Him with everything?

Tell Him, and then hang on because its going to be a bumpy ride.

But worth it in the end.