Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous.

Yes, wait patiently for the LORD is faithful.

– Psalm 27:14


God does not change.

We know that right?

So then why do we so easily forget that God is faithful to finish the work that He began in us?

It is so easy to talk a good “faith” game when all is well.

Yet, when the rubber meets the road, when bills are due, when the baby is just about to need a new pair of shoes, or when life just pain throws us a curve, we too easily revert back to the  person who thinks that by worrying or talking about our problems we are somehow fixing them, making them better.

And there is God.

Waiting patiently for us to turn back to Him.

Hand Him all of our worries and cares.

So that He can finish what he started.

What is it that you are waiting on God for?

Weather your “something” is big or small, remember that it is not your job to fix “it”.

It is your job to hand “it” to God, follow his lead, and wait patiently until he does.

He is Faithful!!!

He is Capable!!

He sees YOU!!!

He will not let you down.

Trust Him with Everything and be Free!!!


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Royal Magistrate: The prisoner wishes to say a word.

William Wallace: [shouts loud and long] Freedom!


The past few months I have felt a struggle going on within me. I was not even sure why, but I was having a hard time believing that God would really bring me to the place that I know He so clearly called me to, England.

I just couldn’t shake the feeling that while God may come through in a big way for others (bringing others into a beautiful new way of living out their calling) that He would not do so with me.

In my head I knew that it did not make any sense that God would ignore me, that He would lead me all this way just to abandon me, yet that was how I was starting to feel, all the same.

Knowing that God is no respecter of persons, I turned to my friend and asked for prayer.

As she started to pray she immediately asked God to feel that hole inside me that caused me to feel less than, not enough. She prayed protection over my mind and that peace would flood my heart.

It hit home immediately.

I realized that I had never quite been able to shake the feeling that the great things that God had for me would never come to fruition because I was never quite good enough.

I immediately realized that was a lie, that I needed to stop living through how I felt and start living based on the truth of the Word.

The next morning I woke up to one thought in my head, “You are worth it.” It was somewhat surprised because I felt as if it was a word directly from God to me.

I questioned God asking, “Me?”

He immediately replied, “Yes you. You are worth so much to me that I sent my only son to die for you. You matter to me, you are my daughter and I love you so very, very much.”

Then I got it!

After all the years, struggles, pain, triumphs, disillusionments, a-ha moments, and hours delving into the word, I got it.

God loves me and has great future in store for ME.

Not because of what I have done or didn’t do but because He loves me.

There is a freedom in that.

There is a freedom in knowing that you are not God’s unloved step-child that just barely made it into the family, the one that forced to live in the attic and given a list of “must do” chores that never get done.

No I am an equal Child of God that has been redeemed by His love and mercy.

So are you.

What a world it would be if we could all just throw off our shackles of feeling not enough and walk in the freedom of God’s love.

Knowing that God wants to lead us and guide us into the perfect future that He has for us because He wills it, not because we earn it.

Let us wake every morning and looking in the mirror shout (like Wallace) “Freedom!” and then walk in it.

Let us go for all that God has for us, and not allow the enemy a foothold in the door to our future.

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