Keep Trusting God for….

Keep trusting God for his very best for you and for those you love. It is sometimes hard to remember that God has not forgotten you, when you are going through a trying time with (or without) family. He sees you and he Loves you so very very much!! His Love is unable to fail. So until you have a solid answer from God (Yes or No) to a prayer for you and your loved one, remember to keep your eyes fixed on him, and trust Him, knowing that the answer He gives will be His best for the situation because He loves you and wants the very best for you.

Keep Pressing

This memory came up today. It was from four years ago. At the time I was caring for my (then) two year old grandson, on top of full time grad school and taking care of my other family.

This is the worst grade I ever received as student in University. But I was so grateful for it, because I was so exhausted from caring, , cleaning, and studying that I found it impossible to learn anything.

Because of this, at the time, I thought I was not capable of learning a language.

Little did I know that God would lead me back to that
same University for a second Masters and I would need to retake that class.

And this time I would receive an A in not only Hebrew 1, but Hebrew 2, and Hebrew readings (where we translater verses out of the Hebrew Bible) as well.

If you have failed at something it doesn’t mean that you will keep failing at it.

Remember you are “not starting from scratch, you are starting from experience.”

I am not sure who needs to hear this but don’t give up on your dreams, or what you feel God has lead you to do. You are capable, you have it in you.

If I can pass three Hebrew classes with A’s with my awful memory, you can accomplish can dreams what God has put

before you!

Keep Pressing!!!