Sometimes God wants us to “Just Get ‘er Done!”

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Whenever my husband had something that needed to be done, he would say, “I’m gonna just get ‘er done.” Which is about just plunging ahead and doing what needs to be done, not thinking about how hard it is, or how much it is not fun to do it, just doing it…like Nike.

It was not long (about two days) after His death that the phrase came back to my mind. I was going to take out the garbage when I opened the door and came face to face (actually foot to face) with a lovely present from one of our grieving cats.

A Dead Mouse…a freshly killed dead mouse.

I immediately had three thoughts, one being the obligatory “EWWWWWW!” 

Because I love animals my next was “The poor little guy, I hope that he didn’t suffer.”

The next and last was many thoughts, “I cannot leave him there, which means someone has to move this and Allan is no longer here to do it, which means that someone is me.”

Words cannot adequately describe my feelings about having to move a still warm body of a deceased (at the murderous hands of my beloved cat) mouse.

Yet I knew it needed to be done, so I put my feelings aside (they are fickle and not to be trusted) and after putting on the proper protection,


I just got ‘er done.

Since that day there is a lot of things I have had to do in the absence of my husband. Some easy and some not so easy. But with God’s grace I did them.

Two days ago I graduated with my Bachelors in Biblical Studies and Theology, and about two months ago I was given the call to England. Since that time I have felt both delight that I will be moving there and all sorts of not so brave emotions about …well about the magnitude of it all…but God is with me.

After December is over I am leaving my job, in obedience to His prompting. I do have some money coming in, but not nearly enough to cover the costs of the move to a country that I do not even have a job in.

But I have Gods leading, His prompting that I will get where I need to be when I need to be there.

To that end, God woke me up with a poem…I am not a poem writer. It is obviously simple, but had a lot to say to me and I thought I would share.

Do what you need to do

In order to get where you need to be

So that others may be saved

as you draw them close to me.

Isn’t that what we are all called to do? To “get ‘er done” to just do what “it” takes to draw others to Jesus.  But so often we get so caught up in trying to figure out the details of it all that we never get anything of real value accomplished.

What amazing things we as Christians could accomplish if we just did what we were called to do, even if it was hard, no especially when it is hard, and trusted God to take care of the details.

Just Do It!

Life is short. And goes by fast. If my live were a movie it would be half over by now, and it barely just started. So I am adopting Allan’s “just get ‘er done” mindset  in order that I may accomplish all that I have been called to accomplish before my piece of film falls from it’s reel. 

What is God calling you to do today? Next week? Next year? I am praying for you to “Get ‘er done. Will you pray for me?


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