Why is is not silly to give away a million dollars and live off 36,000



“[People say] that’s just silly to give [away a million dollars and live off 36,000]. People are just constantly…’don’t you go living by faith [because it’s not the responsible thing to do]’…

I am done with it!

I want to stand here and brag about my God who has come through for me since day one, from believing in Him like a little kid.

Going, man I can give every single thing away!!

I can take my family through the valley of the shadow of death, in October we are going to India, China, Thailand, and my God is going to be with me!

And we can give and do anything and I am tired of people telling me. ‘oh no! Now you’ve got to be responsible because you are older. Because you have four kids, you’ve got this, you’ve got that.’

No! I’ve got the same Shepard!!!

I have the same Shepard!!!!!

Francis Chan


A great story about the “VeggieTale” Guy and God’s Faithfulness

I am currently reading the booMe, Myself, and Bob: A True Story About God, Dreams, and Talking Vegetables It is a bio of the talented author and creator of VeggieTales, Phil Vischer.

In the book he shares a great example of God’s faithfulness. 

He had on his heart to make a computer animated program for children, and after much struggle did create VeggieTales but could not get the backing to allow him to create the program and still provide for his wife and baby girl.

He hit wall after wall and finally was down to his last dollar.  He began to doubt that it was really his call after all and in desperation called out “God tell me this isn’t just me-tell me you’re in this too.”

Right after he started to go through a stack of mail…all bills except an anonymous hand addressed envelope. Inside was  a $400.oo cashiers check with a note that said “God laid it on my heart that you might need this.”

In the book Phil says,

“That wasn’t the end of our ‘hard times’…but since that day I have never once doubted that God has called me to use my gifts for him, and that he will supply whatever resources I need in his perfect timing.

And I will never give up.” (page 75).

Wow how faithful is the awesome God we serve! He knows when we are weak, when we are weary. 

If we just pursue what we are called to do, he is faithful to supply all our needs.

Keep pushing…You will get there!!