God is watching over you

Here is a song from 1870 to remind us that we are never alone. If you are feeling unsure of what is around the corner…soak in these words…and rest in the assurance that God is guiding you to where you need to be.

Precious promise God has given
To the weary passerby,
On the way from earth to Heaven,
“I will guide thee with Mine eye.”

When temptations almost win thee
And thy trusted watchers fly,
Let this promise ring within thee,
“I will guide thee with Mine eye.”

When thy secret hopes have perished
In the grave of years gone by,
Let this promise still be cherished,
“I will guide thee with Mine eye.”

When the shades of life are falling
And the hour has come to die,
Hear thy trusty Pilot calling,
“I will guide thee with Mine eye.”

-Nathaniel Niles

When you are going through the valley remember…

If you are going through a rough season, be encouraged, as you surrender to God and all that He has for you , if you keep going, if you do not quit and turn back to where you are comfortable, if you persist you WILL one day stand upon the mountain of God.

With all you have, all that you possess,  nothing can compare with what is in front of you!