Why a tidy package is usually not what Christians get handed




I love when God moves in my life, when He wants to give me that hope for a  better future. 

I have to admit though, that while I love the thought of change, the messiness of it can freak me out.

I want God to hand me my future in a nice tidy package with a big bow …but that is not usually how it works.

Gods leading is more a matter of his putting something on my heart, and as I step out he confirms what he wills for me, with signs.

So ever since God first called me to England I have been getting signs from him to remind me that it is indeed His leading me, and that I am not loosing my mind.

A lot of the signs are simple and yet are clearly from God as there could not be that many “coincidences.”

Although I live just outside of Seattle, Wa…quite a distance from England… I have run across more things from England in the last few months than in my entire life.

I will not surely remember them all but will list a few here…

A customer thought he was paying with a penny…it was a pence. He had no idea where it came from, and I now own it.

English book, flags, plates, spoons, jigsaw puzzels, ets…have been everywhere I looked.

I run into someone from England about every 5th day.

I dream about England (I have been for a year before I knew was going). I also have dreams about England in which parts have come true in Real life.

Whenever I question God’s plan for me to move to England something “English Related happens”

The two last “Coincidences” were to do with Manchester (the city I am going to)

  1. I was at work and my friend/boss was talking with me about England and she came across a luggage tag (the paper kind the airport gives out) and it was stamped (Manchester) on it.


  1.  Yesterday I was thinking (even though I knew) “Am I really going to Manchester?” as I stood behind a counter at work. I turned my head just then and noticed that a boy of around 12 had stopped directly in front of me, his back facing me, and his crisp white shirt with read lettering answered my question.

It had bright red letters and on the top half said Manchester.

When I turned my head in disbelief at the timing, and look in the opposite direction he walked again in my view and again turned his back to me….

So although I want everything tidy and in a nice package with a bright red bow, so that I don’t “have to” worry, the fact is…I not only don’t have to worry….I am not supposed to!!!

And  if you are a Christian, neither are you… you are NOT flying blind!!!

God tells us through His word that…

“The LORD will continually lead you; he will feed you even in parched regions. He will give you renewed strength, and you will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring that continually produces water.” (Isaiah 58:11, NET)

When God is leading you and you are finding it hard to believe…Ask Him for a sign. He has promised that as He leads you H e will revive you when weak.

So while you may not always get the tidy package from Him that you want…you can be sure that you will get the bow, because while God plans for our live are rarely, if ever, tidy…the signs are often as noticeable as a brightly colored bow.



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What signs does God give someone at 3 a.m.? This kind!


I woke up at three am, and while usually I wake up amidst Christian songs filling my head and good thought for my day, for whatever reason (maybe even for the purpose here) I woke up and the doubts started coming.

You know the doubts that come when you attempt to trust God against all odds. The doubts that say, “You know this will not work right?” “That you are going to look foolish in front of everyone you know?” “You know that you are going to do a disservice for Christ by showing those on the fence how you can get your hopes up and God will not be faithful to come through?” “You know that you are blowing it, big time….better to quite, hide, shrink back. Give up blogging and give up hope of ever going anywhere for God or doing anything great for Him…When it comes to having success….let’s face it you are just not the type!”  

Wow…so glad I do not wake up with these thought on a daily basis!

So anyway here I was….it was the middle of the night and the odds were stacked against me to have any kind of a great day…..but then my daughter heard me get up and wanted to remind me of something she called me (at 3 am) after talking with her I decided to check and see if there was any texts  (at 3 am), there was only one.

Before I tell you what I said you must know a few things

  1. My name is Lisa
  2. My friend works at night, at an apartment cabana, where she is there to give night visitors the packages that came in the day
  3. She sent the text hours before I receive it

It said that a package came in from the United Kingdom for someone named Lisa.

Now while some may think that is not really a sign from God, keep in mind that it was three am, doubts were filling my head and I believe it was just His way of reminding me that He is in this! He is the orchestrator and perfecter of the plans that He has for my life and yours.

Every time along the way when I have needed a boost to my faith, there was a small sign to keep me believing that I was going in the right direction.

So while one little sign may be like a snowflake, you get enough of them and it is a blizzard that cannot be ignored.

God will let you know if the path you are on is the path He set before you…just look for the signs.