A Broken Computer, An Even Broker Mom, And A Wholehearted Decision


Trusting God is not a “one time fits all occasions.” Making the choice to worry and or trust God is an every day, and sometimes every minute thing.

Everything that goes wrong in our life is a great opportunity to practice our trusting.

One such opportunity came for me in the guise of my son’s broken computer.  

So to set the stage a little it was about a year after my husband death. My son had retreated into His room where he played games for days on end. This worried me…a lot! But with work, school, no car, and three other grieving kids to think about, I really did not have the time, nor the strength to try and separate him from his beloved computer.

When His computer broke down, I am not going to lie, I thought finally! Now He will get out of his room. I was not about to try and fix anything (or pray for it to be fixed). A small part of me even thought (for a split second) that this must be an answer to prayer.

But then I noticed, really noticed my son.

How sad, how dejected he was. As bad as I thought they were, those games were all he had, those people on them, for the most part, were all he had.

It broke me.

I knew that God would NEVER answer my prayer for my son this way.

Romans 2:4 tells us that it is God’s kindness that leads us to repentance…it does not say anything about crushing sorrow.

I made the decision to trust God’s word and to pray and trust God to work.

I prayed and then led by God I went to my son and said “You are going to get a new computer.”

“How, you’re broke. I need at least 1,000 dollars…How is that going to happen?” He asked, thinking I was crazy.

“I have no idea but God is going to give you a new computer.”

He shook his head and said “God does not care about me. He does that kind of stuff for you but He doesn’t care about me that much.”

 I told him he was wrong and I said “You will see. By the end of today you will get some information about money for a new computer.”

That is trusting God. I stood on what He told me even though I could have been afraid that if God didn’t come through it might turn my son away from Him for good…it is scary, not always easy…but if we trust God with our salvation, why not trust Him with our children! Or our finances, or our job, car, clothes, friendships, etc.

Long story short …by the end of the day he was told by a friend from across the country that he would pay for the computer…he gave him $1,000 FREE and my son had another friend build him a computer worth $2,000 with it.

God is so good that he did not take my son away from the only thing that gave him comfort. He has come a long way…does not need the computer as much as he did then…but he sure does appreciate it and knows that God cares for him just as much as he does for me.

Photo my © stokkete – Fotolia.com