Three things that never change


  • God is Good

          How awesome is it that we worship a God who is good “all the time.” There is nothing that we can do to cause God to change. This gives us freedom from the fear that our actions will cause God to become a tyrant. 

  • God Loves us

          God loves us regardless of how we feel about him, or how we act. His love for us is a solid foundation on which we can build our lives. While we may choose wrong things and face the consequences of those choices, we can never do anything that will cause God to stop loving us.

  • God has a plan 

          God has a plan for each of our lives. This can be easy to forget during the hustle and bustle of living. So when things do not go as “we” planned it is easy to feel as if the ground beneath us is going to give way.  Yet, as we follow after God we can rest assured that he will make a way for he is in control, and we will see good in the land of the living.

Repeat as necessary 

          God is good, he loves me, and has a good plan for my life!


Once may be a “coincidence,” two times may be “strange,” but three times…it’s definitely a “MIRACLE!”


Being in God’s will for my life is my number one priority, but providing for my family is right up there as well. But what I am realizing is that if I am in God’s will, no matter how much it looks like I made a wrong turn, then He will provide for all my needs.

Leaving my job did not endear my with my children, who although they believed that I knew God’s call, were a little afraid that it meant no food for them. I knew that if God was leading me that He would not let them go hungry.

So here is the miracle…get ready

ONLY three times, on three separate days, I have prayed for God to give me money for food since leaving my job.

(My prayers being, “God you promised to take care of me and my kids. Well we need food, and I am believing that you will provide it).

And right after each and every prayer I would get a phone call that lead to my working and earning the money I needed for food.

What are the odds? They are God odds….He is 100% faithful, 100% of the time!!!

When you step out and trust God in a huge way, it sometimes feels as if there is nothing under your feet that you are sure to crash and burn.

But when you keep your eyes on God, He will carry you through to where you need to be!!’

NEVER let fear stop you!

Trust Him and see how good He is!!!

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