The fight of faith



Have you ever been at an apparent dead end with God?

When it seems like He has lead you to a place that was dead, lifeless, and from which there was no going backwards, forwards, or even sideways?

When bad news is piled upon bad news and you feel alone, worn, tired to the bone?

I realize that there is a lot that I do not know, yet I am convinced that that God would never lead us to a place where there was no way out, because God is our way out.

He is in control, even when everything seems out of control.

I love the lyrics to this song by Aaron Shust


My hope is in You, Lord, all the day long
I won’t be shaken by drought or storm
My hope is in You, Lord
All the day long I won’t be shaken by drought or storm


The dead end is where the battle is won, the dry desert is where the war is won or lost.

We wage war, not by grabbing a gun and attacking a physical enemy, but by falling to our knees and praying to God that He would deliver us from the unseen one.

If you are weary, stop trying to fight this battle along.

Place your hope in the Lord.

Turn to Him not just once but daily, hourly, or minute by minute, as the case may be.

Keep fighting by allowing God to fight for you, and you will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

If you are reading this I believe that God is saying to you, “Keep Going! Don’t quit. You are almost there. Hold on to me and be amazed at where I will lead you.”



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