A really cool story about trusting God


George Mueller was a man who believed God.

In order to prove to Christians worldwide that God listens to us when we pray, he started and keep running orphanage in Bristol, England, on nothing but prayer.

He did not solicit funds from anyone, nor did he allow his employees to do so.

On April 11, 1836, the doors of an orphanage opened in with twenty-six girls. By 1886 the number of Orphans leapt to over 2,000, proving that Mr. Mueller’s belief in God was not in vain. Mr. Muller’s amazing faith was witnessed firsthand by many people who met him, but none more so than Abigail, the eight-year-old daughter of his business associate.

One Morning while Abigail’s father was having a meeting with George, an employee came in and told Mr. Mueller that over 300 children were seated and waiting for breakfast but there was nothing to feed them.

George motioned to Abigail to follow him into where the children were seated and said to her, “Watch God work.” Then he turned to the children and said, “Let’s pray.” They all did, and not long after was a knock at the door.

He opened it to find a baker who had baked all night because “God had told him to do so.” He brought in enough bread for the children to have their fill.

Right after there was another knock at the door. Almost unbelievably a man with ten barrels of milk on his cart told George that the wheel on his car had just broke down in front of the orphanage.

He told George that he could have the milk if he would only keep the barrels safe until he fixed the cart.

George knew that Abigail was moved by what she had seen, and a week or so later was told by Abigail’s mother that she had witnessed Abigail praying to God that He might give her “Mr. Mueller’s faith.”

Taken from my book  To Know God as Father

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