How I learned to Finish Well


I once heard my pastor (at the time) preach a sermon series titled “Finishing Well” that talked about how even though your past may have been horrible, and in your present you may have struggles, you can still finish well.

I needed to hear that back then. So much so that I bought the series and listened to it over and over. From that point on I was determined that I would do what it took to “Finish Well!”

A lot of time has passed since then, and a lot of changes (some good some bad) have happened in my life.

And although I have not arrived yet I am setting my pace for the finish I desire.

What am I doing right? I am following the advice on those tapes I listened to.

I am leaning on and trusting in the God who created and saved me. The God who knows me and speaks to me daily leading me down the path that I should go.

The Bible says of God

You get us ready for life:

You probe for our soft spots,

You knock off our rough edges.

And I’m feeling so fit, so safe:

made right, kept right.

(Psalm 7:9–10, The Message)

Be determined to finish well and then do so by daily giving over your schedule to the one who made you  and is faithful to keep you right…where you need to be!

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