Why I am standing here


“having done all … stand firm.”

(Ephesians 6:13)

God is faithful!!!!

If I go to my grave never having grasped anything of real importance, I know that I know this, God is faithful, steadfast and true!!!!!

Right now I feel a bit like the Israelite’s who have been lead out of slavery, but have their captors giving chase and have been lead to what looks like their certain doom by a God who says He loves them.

They are facing the Red Sea with the Egyptians getting closer by the second thinking, “this is where we die.” They have no idea the AMAZING thing that God is about to do. The path that He is about to make open up before them.

Likewise, I have followed God to this place. He told me to give notice to my landlord, He told me to leave my job, He told me to prepare for England, and what jobs to Apply to, He even told me to start this blog and share about His faithfulness.. I have the Egyptians at my back, getting ever closer and I have an ocean before me which cannot be crossed without a miracle from God.

So I will Stand!!!

I will dig in my heals and believe and declare LOUDLY that God, MY GOD, is faithful!!!

That God is trustworthy!!!

Sit back and watch and be amazed as He parts the red sea in my life. And Believe Him to do the same in yours.

Photo = © G.NICOLSON – Fotolia.com

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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