Raising my flag

White flag

Long ago I gave God permission to wake me with songs, this stopped Satan from filling my thoughts with negativity every morning.

In the beginning I was just happy wake up and start the day out on the right foot. I did not pay much attention to what the song was.

But slowly and surely God started to focus my attention on what I was hearing. And nine times out of ten, what I heard corresponded to what happened during my day, or what God wanted to happen during my day.

This morning the lyrics

We raise our white flags

We surrender

All to you

All to you

were looping over and over in my mind  before I even opened my eyes.

And I realized something. While I do trust God, while I do believe in His ability to lead me, I have never fully surrendered to him in the morning, allowing Him to fully lead and guide me in everything I do throughout the day.

It looks like this will be the day that I do so. Join me?

Father God I am fully surrendering to you this day and every day. Lead and guide me so that I may walk in your perfect will. May I be able to look back on each day from here on out and say alongside David, “This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Lyrics = Chris Tomlin

Photo = © freshidea – Fotolia.com




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