Why today will change everything and how you can help

I have done it.

I have not done it well, but I have waited on God, I have wanted His will for my life and acted on it to the best of my ability.

It is now down to the wire. I am supposed to move by August 1st, and while He provided the funds to travel, no door has opened for England so by tomorrow will have a choice to make.

Today I am specifically going to spend the day with God, seeking His face.

I am getting on a bus and heading to a place where it will be just me and God.

As I was starting to write this blog someone posted on Facebook, “PROVISION has already been PROVIDED because of your, PASSION to PURSUE His PURPOSE and His PLAN.”

I am claiming that word. I believing God that He already provided, I just need to see His full provision in the natural.

Will you please join me in praying that I am able to get a job in England or somehow get in with a visa.

I have no motive other than to do what God has called me to do. I am willing to go anywhere or do anything that He leads me to do.

He has lead me to believe for the seemingly impossible.

Maybe because someone needs to see that He is the God who makes all things possible!!

So I ask again,fellow Children of God, please join me in praying God perfect will for my life, and the lives of my children.

As you pray for me I will be also praying for you. God knows who you are and what you need.

May the miracles needed in all our lives reach others for the one who gave His life for us!!

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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