Free Fiction Book (PG Content)

FREE Kindle Book! Today Feb 18th 2020 – the 22nd

Also available on Kindle Unlimited

Natalie Williams a married mother of five and somewhat of a recluse, has her world shattered when her husband, best friend, and the one whom one she trusted to take care of her always, leaves her for a far better place.
How does a family go on when the one left to pick up the pieces isn’t sure how to fit them back together?

4 thoughts on “Free Fiction Book (PG Content)

  1. Thank you so much!! You might need to delete it and then redownload in order to get the corrected version. It should have a underline under “All Rights Reserved” Please let me know if you have any problems. Thank you again.

  2. Hey everyone the uploads are complete so if you delete the Kindle book”This Time” and re upload it to your Kindle all the changes should be complete. You can check to make sure that it is fixed by looking at the copywrite page and see if it has a underline under “All Rights Reserved”… If there is a problem please let me know.

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