The Tree Out My Window Has Shown Me That God…

When I moved into my town home complex my desire was to live on an end unit so that I could have a little extra wiggle room. But as it turned out I ended up in between two other units. I was disappointed at first, though I quickly realized how blessed I was that I had not received my wish.

Because I wasn’t on the end unit, I wasn’t facing a garbage dump but instead my deck was protected on both sides by tall trees, so it felt like a little oasis.

Even better than that I realized that the end unit had no tree out its second story window, while mine was one of the few bedrooms that had a cherry blossom tree right in front of it.

I’ve always been a person that loves nature. I spent my childhood climbing trees and was outside every day that it was not raining. So, I this tree bought me joy from the start.

However, my room was arranged differently for the first year.  The bed was in front of the window, so I didn’t spend much time looking out it.

Recently, however, I decided to rearrange my room and placed my desk in front of the window. This was an important move, as you will see.

Though  I’ve been gifted with creativity since birth, my previously undiagnosed ADD has meant that I have not used my creativity (Gods gift to me for the benefit of others) as much as I would have liked.

This has recently changed as I have just been diagnosed and now have medication which helps me to stay focused.

Which brings me back to the window.

If the old me had the window to look out while creating, I would have never been able to accomplish anything.  But now I get sixfold the amount of work done that I used to and am also able to take semi frequent breaks by looking out the window and watching its perpetually moving leaves (I live in a windy area) be visited by various birdlife (today I’ve seen at least four different types of birds) doing different things.

The tree out my window has shown me that God knew that there would be such a time as this.

He placed me in this exact place so that as I am creating and getting fulfillment out of all that God is calling me to do, I am also continually filled up with joy by my surroundings.

While I had enjoyed my room before, I had no idea the delight it  would bring me in the future.

But God did.

If your surroundings are not what you think they should be, remember God is not through with you yet. Your story is still being written, and the author will add the right details at the right time.

God deeply loves you!

 Keep trusting that!

 Keep trusting him as you wait for your own cherry blossom tree to bloom.

Also, yes, that is the tree out my window in its current state. I am very much enjoying the view and yet I am excited for the future pink blossoms to come. Just like  I am currently enjoying my life and excited for what God will do in the future.

I pray that you are able to trust God to help you do the same in your own life.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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