A Prayer of Surrender

Father God

I realize that I haven’t done everything right, i realize that I have wasted time trying to do it my own way.

All you have ever wanted from me is my trust, and yet I struggle.

I think about the people that have let me down, and I have projected those fears on you.

As a result I have a hard time believing that You forever have the best of intentions for me. 

That I can trust You fully and completely to lead and guide me.

But when I think of how loving, kind, and merciful that you have been to me, I cannot help but want to be one who walks closely with you, fully trusting you to lead me where You want me to be.

So change my heart God,  make me into the fiercely loyal child that you want me to be.

Remind me that this life is not my own.

Help me to daily follow your lead, as I daily choose to lay it all down at the foot of the Cross.

I make a choice to trust you fully for my future,

And the future of those I love.

I lay all of my fears, worries, struggles, and doubts down.

And I say with all my heart

You lead, Ill follow.

In Jesus Name I pray.




It is never over with God



Long story short. My husband passed away when my daughter was only eleven. They were very close and she was acting out a lot by age 14.

I  got to a point where I didn’t know what to do.

I prayed to God and He said, “Don’t discipline her. Just love Her.”

I was more that a little surprised and replied, “God but have you seen her behavior. This girl needs discipline.

Again He said, “Don’t discipline her. Just love her.”

So I listened to Him.

It was not easy, but I stopped trying to change her behavior and focused on being kind to her.

That gave room for God to get a hold of her.

He lead and guided her in ways I could not. It was not long before she gave her life to Jesus and started making positive changes.

Long story short, the kid who at one time in middle school spent weeks in the discipline office, spent the last year as Student Body President of her school. She was chosen by the Senior class to be the speaker at graduation, and is going on to collage to study law in hopes of being a Lawyer.

When God asks you to trust him, when you know it is God, then do it.

Do what He asks even if it is hard or doesn’t make sense.

He knows what He is doing!!!