A word for someone

What your facing,

From your perspective it looks so very big.

A mountain sized problem that you can see no way of getting past.

You have been trying to push past it for so long that your energy is spent.

You think that giving up is your only option.

But God is saying stop looking outward and start looking up!

Change your perspective!

Stop looking at your problem and start looking at your God.

Hand him your problem and climb into His arms and watch as he flicks aside that mountain  as if it was a pebble.

Or watch as he gives you the strength and energy to climb it with ease.

Remember this life of Faith requires us to TRUST God with all that we are.

He is all we need!



Let Him lead you


When God is leading you into a whole new way of living, you must hold tight to his hand.

You will surely traverse dark forests of despair and rivers of sadness, before climbing the mountain of what holds you back from being all that you were born be.

Yes you will be tired to the point of wanting to give up, but hold tight because before you know it, with God’s help you will reach a place of refreshing, a place of success and freedom.

A land where you were created to live in.

Stop looking back, wanting your old life!

God wants to do something new.

Grab a hold and walk where He leads.

Nothing can move this

Those who trust in GOD

are like Zion Mountain:

Nothing can move it, a rock-solid mountain

you can always depend on.

Mountains encircle Jerusalem,

and GOD encircles his people—

always has and always will.

The fist of the wicked

will never violate

What is due the righteous,

provoking wrongful violence.

(Psalm 125:1–4, MSG)