A word for someone

What your facing,

From your perspective it looks so very big.

A mountain sized problem that you can see no way of getting past.

You have been trying to push past it for so long that your energy is spent.

You think that giving up is your only option.

But God is saying stop looking outward and start looking up!

Change your perspective!

Stop looking at your problem and start looking at your God.

Hand him your problem and climb into His arms and watch as he flicks aside that mountain  as if it was a pebble.

Or watch as he gives you the strength and energy to climb it with ease.

Remember this life of Faith requires us to TRUST God with all that we are.

He is all we need!



God put it on my heart to tell this to someone



God put it on my heart to tell this to someone

 God loves you!!!! You are wondering if He even notices you, if He sees your pain, your circumstances, He does!

He is saying to you, “Lean into me, with everything that you have left. Yes, I know you are weary. Yes, I know that it has been a long time since you have seen the sun, but I AM. You are my child and I will make a way.  Hold on! Get ready the sun is coming and when it does it is is going to be magnificant!” 

Being who you are called to be

God doesn’t make molds. We are each of us unique. Designed by Him for His Glory. As this article points out all God requires of us is our obedience to Him and the call He has placed on our lives.

Why Switchfoot won’t sing Christian songs.

What a great example Switchfoot is for those of us who are following God’s leading in our lives.

They are TRUSTING GOD to lead them, and are not swayed by what the “crowd” says.

A great link

The 7 Habits of People Who Place Radical Trust in God

This writer reads a lot of Biographies about inspiring people who “who place radical trust in God.” She found some common threads among them and lists them here. I found some areas I need to brush up on (or radically overhaul) and I would share in light of “iron sharpening iron.”