Let me introduce myself

So here you are reading my blog, and I haven’t even introduced myself. Sorry that’s a bit rude. So here goes.

I go by Lisa (though I always wished it was Elisabeth). I am a mother of four, and unfortunately a widow. I gave my life to Christ at 9 and 1/2 and never looked back.

Wait, halt, sorry I just flat out lied right there.

That tells you two things about me. 1) I have a very tender conscience and 2) even though I wish I hadn’t, I basically looked back about a minute after getting saved.

But that’s OK, because God is so good that He loved me anyway. He pursued me and after years of digging a hole too big to get myself out of, He reached in and pulled me out. I was around 31 at the time. From that point on I never looked back. Honest!

I am 46 now. It has been a long journey for me but through it all God’s grace has carried me through.

Some say that I have been given the gift of faith, for I simply believe what God says. I am not sure that I have been given anything that anyone else hasn’t been given, but if it is a gift than I am grateful for it, because trusting God is a whole heck of a lot easier than living a life of worry and fear.

Now don’t get me wrong. I was the the most fearful, worrying person out there, until the day I heard Him say “Trust Me!” So I took a chance and did just that, and baby step, by step, by stride, by jog, by full-on-run …I have followed His lead.

I have seen amazing things happen, all because of Him. I believe that He wants the church to rise up and just trust Him…simply trust Him. For if we don’t, He cannot work through us.

I believe that stories, true stories of how faithful and good God is, are powerful.

So I will tell some of my own, about how God has led me thus far, and I hope that you will share yours too (e-mail submissions to abbasyaldah@gmail.com).

I will also be sharing my present journey. And what I like to call my “big test.”

God has called me to England!

Knowing that I would soon receive my bachelors in Biblical Studies and Theology (with a minor in English), I sought His direction in my life and was surprised that He answered so quickly, England! How cool is that! He also said Ministry.

Do I presently know what type of ministry? No.

Do I have a job there? No

Do I have the money to move? No

Are all my kids sorted out as to where they would live? No, not all of them.

Has God asked me to give my landlord notice that I was moving out by August 1st? And then woke me up at 2:30 am to do it? Yes

Are there a million things that could go wrong? Yes

Am I at times more than a little freaked out by it all…Heck Yes

But do I trust God? That is the question! If I am compelled by God to move to England then do I trust Him to work out the details (and to Him those are all minor details)….YES!!!!

Why do I trust Him? Because in all the times that I ever turned to Him and said help, or please, or why?…He never, and I mean NEVER left me to fend for myself or go without the comfort I so needed.

He is so very, very good!

If you are a Christian you know this already, and if you are not, I hope that you will some day.

Jesus loves you-is more that a bumper sticker, it’s the truth!

So, Ya, that’s me in a nutshell…what starts with me ends with Jesus.

Have an Awesome day

And y’all come back now ya hear:)

4 thoughts on “Let me introduce myself

  1. Thank you so very very much!!! I very much covet those prayers. as I desire to follow God with all my heart but I know the enemy is out there, wanting to pull me away. God Bless you!! You will be in my prayers as well:)

  2. Lisa, I will be praying for your trust to never waiver because you are so very right about our Savior and Lord Jesus. We can be forever trusting knowing He will never abandon us (John 10:27-29); He will help us endure (Hebrew 3:12-19) and He is faithful to fulfill his promises (Phil. 3:10-14). May God bless you and your children abundantly as you walk by faith with the Faithful one as your guide. Many blessings!

  3. This is totally wonderful! I pray that I will someday have as strong as trust as you do. Love, Mom

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