Jumping High ~ Part One


Once, back when I had first re-dedicated my life to God, I was listening to a radio station. They were talking about the subject of trusting God and someone said that, “trusting God is like jumping first, and then when you get off the ground, asking Him asking how high.” I never forgot that because that is exactly what it feels like most of the time.

I am a curious person. I love adventure, yet I do not like change. Really that means I want my base (home) stable and love to go out form it, experiencing things unknown. That to me is exciting. To explore places I have never been to, and things I have never seen, whilst still having a secure home to go back to, is what makes me feel alive.

What does not feel so exciting, however, is when the adventure means jumping to say goodbye to my home before even know where I will lay my head the day after I will move out.

I remember the last time I moved. It was under very bad circumstances and things looked very bleak, I remember thinking, we might be homeless. I remember being really angry with God and saying “After all these years of serving you, after everything I have been through with you, and everything my family has been through, Where are you? I thought you cared. How could this happen?”

Just then God had my Pastors send me an e-mail to me, saying that God had prompted him to tell me… “You ask God where are you?” It ended with, “He is going to set you on a high place.” This email was amazing because my Pastor was new at the time. Though he knew I was dealing with some things, He had no idea that I had just angrily questioned God or what we were facing.

I realized after receiving the email that I was focusing on my problems, not on the one and only God who could solve them. I repented then and there from focusing on myself and then I saw an amazing thing happen.

That very day day  God  put things in motion to “set me on a high place!” I now live at the very top of the same main street that I used to live on (about two or three miles up). Back then my vantage point was so low, that I never knew what the view from the top was like. I was amazed after moving in (to a beautiful new place the God had miraculously provided) to see such an amazing view of the mountains, right from my front door.

God is good because he can take our anger, our questions, and still love and lead us, as long as we are willing to follow Him, doing what He calls us to do.

That is the thing about God though. When He asks you to do something, he often makes sure that you do not have everything figured out. Because if you did, then where would the miraculous come from. God is a miracle-maker. Not us.

So the next time He asks you to jump be like the Nike commercial and “Just do it.”  because you are not really jumping into the unknown, you are jumping into His arms so that He may carry you to where you need to be.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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