Jumping High ~ Part Two


So when I finished “Part One” of Jumping High. I thought I was done. It seemed a complete post to me. No reason for a “Part Two” as far as I was concerned.  

But then it happened. Just as I was about to push the submit button, I heard this still small voice inside me say, “There is more to this article, so label it part one.”

I would like to say that I immediately obeyed Gods direction, but as is often the case (more times that I would like to admit) I kind of blew God off. I thought, “It doesn’t make any sense and therefore cannot be God.”

I can only imagine God’s response, “Lisa, when will you ever learn? What I ask you to do does not often make sense in the beginning, nor should it have to. If you are going to be led by me then you have to get over this need to want everything to fit neatly into a box.”

God is right (when isn’t He). I often want things to make sense. It is this need for everything to line up that causes my impatience when they don’t. It is an area that God has patiently been working with me on. And amazingly I have seen big changes in my yielding everything to God, so that He alone may direct my steps.

But, that said, I still have a knee jerk reaction to not trust.

It strikes me that I am not the only one out there with the same tendencies.

I know when I survey the landscape that is life, I see way too many walking wounded. People who have been ripped apart in the heat of this battle. They have had all of their weapons torn from them, so that all is left is their defense. Which is often simply “control.” They believe that if they control their life and the lives of those around them they do not ever have to be hurt again.

There are two things wrong with that.

1)      It simply doesn’t work. Life is messy at times. Things happen. And unfortunately people get hurt.

2)      It keeps them from living the best possible life. They one in which God is in control and all they have to do is rest in Him.

Life is so much easier when you do not have to have everything figured out all of the time.

It took me awhile to finally realize how TRUSTWORTHY God is. To trust that if He was calling me to do something, I just need to ask Him (through prayer), knowing He would never let me fall.

So I prayed about “Part one.”  He confirmed it for me and here I now am writing “Part Two.”

Why? Because God had a plan. I believe that God would say to you, “Let down your guard! Trust me enough to lead you! If you get an inkling that I am calling you to do something, even if it seems a little bit weird, set your mind to obeying my call. If you are afraid then come close to me in prayer. If you ask me to stop you from doing anything that is not God-led then I will. I love you and will not lead you down a wrong path. Why? Because I am your Father, who is crazy about you and who can be trusted.”

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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