When God’s truth sounds more like a Beatles tune than a plan.

live is all

So let me just say upfront that I am a truth person. And the truth is that life is going by very fast, and I do not want to waste my time…my life…not doing what I am called to do. 

As a Christian I trust God to lead me and guide me into “all truth” knowing that I will have the best of all possible outcomes.

But there was this one time when the truth that God had spoken to me sounded more like a Beatles song than reality.

All You Need is Love

It was about three years ago. I was in college and trying to survive the effects the loss of my husband had on my four children.

It was hard, but I held on to God’s promises, even though there were days I just wanted to hide.

One of my children was really struggling. And angry, very angry. At me, at the world, at God.

This child began acting out, and even ran away from home for the longest night of my life.

When my child, teenager finally, came home, and started ranting and raving. I thought “God I cannot take much more of this.”

God said “Just love” …

I was like “What do you mean just love! This child needs some guidance. This child need some discipline.”

God said “Just love

I thought “God what about truth. This child needs truth.”

“I will take care of truth. You take care of Love.”

I remember thinking “Oh this is not going to end well. God is telling me that, to deal with this child “Love is all I need!” It made no sense to me. I thought, “What I need is a cell I can hold my child in until the age of 18).


I knew God’s heart for me. I know God’s heart for my child. so,

I trusted Him.

I did what He asked me to do. It wasn’t easy but with God nudging and reminding me to, I did not get mad, I did not discipline, I just loved my child, finding ways to be kind and compassionate. Even though my child was angry, really angry, and said some horrible things, I held on to God and just loved.


It did not take long for me to see God make a way.

 It did not take long for me to see God drawing my child…His Child…to Himself. God asked me to trust Him with my child and wow He knew what He was doing!!!

God opened the doors for my child to go to not just one, but two church camps that summer. After the second one my child came home forever changed. And, letting go of the past, has followed after God ever since.

This child has gone from getting f’s to a 4.0, from being ignored in school, to being voted the student body president for their School.

From walking away from God, to daily walking with him, with heart and arms open wide,

This child is Happy!

This child is forever changed, because God asked me to trust Him and gave me the grace to do it.

What is God asking YOU to trust Him for?

What seems impossible? What makes no sense?

What are you going to do about it?


2 thoughts on “When God’s truth sounds more like a Beatles tune than a plan.

  1. Leah, Thanks for the comment. I know exactly what you mean. It is so easy to want to keep taking the problem from Gods hands (i have wasted to much time doing that). Praying for you as you step in faith!

  2. Wow. What a beautiful testimony! I’m in a season of trust in my life right now so I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to hear God say ‘Trust Me.’ I always think, ‘I do. Now, what do You want me to do to fix this problem.’ To which He, of course, replies, ‘Trust Me.’
    Thank you so much, I’m so encouraged by your message!

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