I refuse to do it anymore!

I refuse to look behind me and be ashamed.

I refuse to look around me and be dismayed.

I refuse to look in front of me and be fearful.

I, as a Christian, am called to put my trust in Jesus Christ and believe, really believe that He will:

Make something beautiful out of the shattered glass of my past.

Be with me and make a way in my present.

and not allow the enemy the final word in my future.

When  I stop trusting in the goodness of God,

when I stop believing that He will show up and show out in my life,

when I stop trusting that He knows the end from the beginning,

and that He knows what my future holds and is the one who holds my future

When I stop trusting God,

The enemy will have won

And I REFUSE to give him the victory anymore!

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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