I asked God for washcloths and He gave me this…


Back about fifteen years ago, I was constantly listening to Christian speakers, as God was changing my thinking and showing me how he could be trusted.

I remember one of the speakers talking about how God had told her to stay home from her job for a period of time. During that time she saw God work mightily through her prayers. One of the things she “needed” was new wash cloths. She prayed for them and God brought someone to her door with new washcloths.

Right after hearing that I prayed to God. I said that I wanted washcloths (notice here that I only “wanted” them, I did not “need” them). I asked Him to  send me washcloths.

Well later that day I was surprised to get a knocked on the door and was surprised to find Faith standing at my door.

Faith was a co-worker and fellow Christian. She held out a fairly large cardboard box. She said “God told me to give you this.” She handed the box to me and quickly left.

I brought the box inside and quickly opened it.

I was surprised and a little let down to find what was in the box.

I was surprised because the box was filled to the brim with washcloths, just like I had asked God for.

I was let down because the wash cloths were all old, wore out, discolored, and raggedy with holes in them.

And to top it off they were saturated with cigarette smoke.

I asked, “God I don’t understand, why did you give her new washcloths and you gave me these?”

God quickly replied, “Because you did not ask me for new ones, you just asked me for washcloths.”

 I learned that not only can I trust God to hear my prayers, but that He also pays attention to them.

As a result I because more thoughtful about what I prayed for.


 Photo = © flas100 – Fotolia.com

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