Are You there God? It’s me Lisa…

Hi God


Do You remember me? The Apple of Your eye?


Or at least that is what I thought I was…once upon a time.



 It does not seem that long ago when my footing was sure and steady


When I felt closer to You than my own breath.



But now I live in a “time of testing”


At least that is what I hope it is



And my footing does not feel so sure anymore


And You feel farther than the farthest star



Worn and battle-scared,  my biggest wounds


Are those that I inflict upon myself



The worry comes as hard and fast as the questions


What will become of me and mine?



Why is this happening?


What have I done to deserve this?



Your back is all I see


And Your silence is all I hear



I wonder when did I turn from the apple of Your eye


To the child who slipped in the back door unwanted and ignored



And then I remember


This is not about me



That is doesn’t matter how I feel


Because this about what I know



So while i feel as if my worst fears will become a reality


I know that You have  always been faithful to save



While feel as if just my back will break from the pressure


I know that You will not give me more than I can handle without  You



 While I feel  so very very alone


I know that You will never leave me



While I feel as if You have brought me all this way for nothing


I know that You are faithful to complete what You started



So I will keep fight this Battle of the Mind


In Your name I will charge that hill



I love You so very much


Father, Savior, Friend



I know that these chains will soon fall off and


Things will be restored and made right



And You will free  me to go and help others


who might have forgotten or never knew



That they, are loved, and treasured,


that You long to make them whole



That You made a way for them to come to You


Through Your Son Jesus



That is does not matter what they have done


or how they feel, You love them



That they, like me, always will be


The apple of you eye



Thank you Father for loving me


Signed your Beloved Daughter








I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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