If you are wanting to give up…wait!! “Here is why you have not found success yet!”


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When I wake up, knowing that I have had a dream, the first thing I do is try and remember as many details about it as possible. The next thing I do is ask God if He might be speaking to me through the dream.

Last night I had a dream that I was on some sort of educational trip with tons of college aged students. I was late arriving and late getting to my dorm. They were all unpacked and enjoying themselves while I was trying to find my room. And I remember feeling like they all were laughing at my ineptness.

I was having a hard time and wanted to go home when another student said that he would show me where to go.

 However, before we reached the room there was a long hallway with a door would not open. As it turned out, only I, with all my life experience, could fix it. Just then a college professor passed by and told me “you are an amazing student.”

That was the dream.

The real-life fact is…

I just turned fifty about six months ago. Fifty! And I am about to begin the last two classes I need to complete my master’s degree. I have been thinking a lot about my future lately, wondering if I missed the boat.

When I asked God what they dream meant (if anything), He brought to my mind that out of all of the students, I was the only one that was there at that time, with the exact skills and life experiences, to fix that door that all the other students would use to walk through. The younger student with me did not.

God gave me the gift of writing, I believe, at birth. I have always been drawn to observe and write. It is part of me. I have, however, not done a lot with my gift, but I feel as if I am standing ON THE THRESHOLD of all that God has called me to do.

Yes, choices have consequences that often keep us from being where we want to be, but I believe that God spoke to my heart this morning, concerning the dream saying “Here is why you have not found success yet…because it was not yet your time. You needed to go through all that you have gone through to gain the knowledge that would be used fixing that door.”

I believe that God is saying to you,” Hold on! Do not quit!! Here is why you have not found the success you desire as an author, teacher, student, businessman or, singer,  etc.. because it is not yet your time.” 

You are in the process of getting the life experience that you need, to be positioned where God wants you to be.

So do not look around you and make a judgment against yourself based on others. Your journey is unique.

Keep your focus on God.

 I keep my eyes always on the Lord.
    With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. – Psalm 16:8 (NIV)

 Keep trusting God, keeping going, And Remember You are Amazing!

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