When it is not good to be fully loaded


So I have been going through a transition lately.

I left my job a month ago, against the advice of most people I know, to follow Gods leading.

I was to be home for about six months to prepare for my future.

Although I dreamed of starting it off by setting myself apart for God, I ended up in bed for the better part of the month sick, and then fighting the doubts and insecurities that rose up for the rest of it.

There were a lot of them, I could fill the page with all of them.

For a while it seemed as I would not be able to get out of the hole that I seemed to be in.

But God is faithful. I cried out to him and he answered me.

He started filling the hole under my feet with things like encouraging words from friends, prayers of others, as well as flat out giving me what I needed to keep going.

Before I knew it the hole was filled and I was once again standing on solid ground.

I am back to my old self again, and ready to claim all that God has for me.

Sometimes as Christians we get so busy doing what God called us to do that we forget about the fact that we are called to do it in HIS strength not ours.

When God gives you something to do that is so hard you feel as if you cannot rise from the weight of it, call out and ask him to take the load.

He will do it.

Because He loves you and because the load was never yours to carry.

Photo © Photobank – Fotolia.com

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