Best defense = Good offense

“But GOD told me, “Tell them, ‘Don’t do it; don’t go up to fight—I’m not with you in this. Your enemies will waste you.’ ”” (Deuteronomy 1:42, The Message)

Trusting God is more than just believing He will bring us through a hard time, or bring us our next blessing, Trusting God with all that we are means that before we make those important decisions that we ask God what He thinks about it first.

How many times do we say, “Man I wish I would have known what I know now to help me make that decision?”

Well you can (somewhat). If you bring it before God, He will not let you do anything outside of His perfect will for you. And no matter what that looks like, it will ultimately be good as He is good and loves you so very much!”

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2 thoughts on “Best defense = Good offense

  1. Nickie
    Hi Yes of course I will be praying for God to calm her down and to give you the strength and peace to deal with her until he does:) Sorry I missed your party. I am a little like the absent minded professor…I need to start putting up notes:)

  2. Hey Lisa! I hope your fast is going well. I could use some prayer over my job, I love it, but one of the gals I work with is really stressing me out with what feels like headgames and wanting to control things and trying to pull me onto her “side” which is really NOT how I operate. She and I are supposed to share the job when the other gal goes on maternity leave, and I really need her to calm down and just work instead of constantly trying to get me wound up. Thanks honey.

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