For those who are weary


Did God give you are dream?

A dream that you have held on to, though the storms of life threatened to rip it from your hands?

Are you weary? Worn? Ready to let go from pure exhaustion?

Does letting go or turning back seem like your only option.

Ask yourself?

Would God ask me to stand in faith for something that is impossible?

Is there anything God cannot do?

Any door He cannot open?

Any heart He cannot change?

Any financial barrier He cannot surpass?

Don’t quit!!!!

Remember that it is only dark because dawn is coming.

Remember that you are not alone.

Draw close to God, closer, closer still.

Can you hear that? Listen for it.

God is saying “Be still child. Know that I am God. Know that I Am. I see where you are and will get you where you need to be, just hold on to me, just hold on.”

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

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