I waited on God and WOW did He ever deliver!!!!!!! You have to see what He did


So for a while now I have been a bit like Noah, building my boat in the desert.

I believed God when He called me to England, even though I had no proof.  

So I started to build my Ark, to I step out and do the things that God called me to do.

I did all I could do, and then I did as the Scriptures say, I stood.

I stood and waited on the goodness of the Lord.

For a season I saw not a speck of rain, not a drop.

I stood, declaring God’s goodness over my life.

I stood amidst the laughter.

But I am not going to lie, I was starting to droop a bit. I was starting to make other plans.

And then it happened….

Out of nowhere I felt a drop of rain, more than a drop actually, many, many drops…5,000 actually.

Yesterday I received an anonymous Cashier’s Check for 5,000 dollars to go towards England.

Yes, you read that right, $5,000 dollars!!!!!!

I am praising God for His goodness!!!!! I am publicly thanking the sender of the check!!!

You are awesome and I believe that God will reach many people through your generosity.

The money is now safely tucked in a separate savings account waiting for the door to England to open up.

My heart is not about going to Europe but doing Gods will. And God is faithful to bring to fruition that which He wills.

So now I wait on God with renew hope. Knowing that it will happen. God is good!!!

If God has put it on your heart to give towards England I will include a link  below.

If you feel led to pray know that I covet your prayers.

May God bless you mightily as you seek and do what He has called you to do.

Know that I am praying for you to, that you may feel the rain.



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Please Join me in Praying for this

I have been called to England and am willing to sell everything and go.

Yet, I need an OPEN DOOR.

I am trusting God to make a way, and I know that He would not have led me here, except to show how good He is.

But I have given notice and need to be moved by August 1st.

I need my next steps and an open door.

My 30 day fast is up on the 3rd. I am hoping to hear something not long after.

So to my Christian Brothers and Sisters, I am asking for you to join me in praying for an open door to England for me and my son.

God  told me ministry and yet not which area. I am willing to go wherever He leads.

If you are in England and feel led to share any ministry related openings, my email is abbasyaldah@outlook.com.

God bless and please put any prayer requests that you have below and I will pray for you.


The letter, the word it said, and God


love God

What do you do when you believe that God has lead you to not only a dead end but what could be the start of what might just be your own end?

I was to come to face to face with that question, like so many of His followers have before.

I was so sure of it all this time. I was so sure that the job that appeared on my screen was exactly what God had for me.

Looking at the facts I knew that

  1. The job “appeared” out of nowhere just as my school website had.
  2. The job stirred my spirit and was at a church that I felt an instant sense of belonging.
  3. The job was in a Country where I clearly felt called to.
  4. The job also seemed a perfect fit for not only my gifting’s but for my son as well.


Talking with my pastor I discussed how very sure I was that the job application would finally lead for the first time to something that has dodged me all my life, success.


That I would finally be “picked” for something.


I, like so many others, have struggled in the past with a low sense of self worth, not feeling as if I would ever amount to much, because I wasn’t as good as others.


While God has healed most of that, a small part remains. A part that is the kid on the playground waiting to be picked for a team, and hoping that this time it will finally be different. That this time she won’t be picked last. This time she will have been chosen, she will have tasted what it means to have a small measure of success.


Looking back over my life I can say that there was really rarely ever a time where I have felt chosen. Where I have truly ever felt wanted.


And Yet God!!!


God chose me!!! He has not only chosen me but He has loved and lead me so well that when this job appeared, and my spirit was stirred felt as if it was a shoe in. I believed that God would not have lead me to believe that I would finally see success only to once again for the millionth time have my hopes dashed.


And yet a few days ago it came.


A letter all the way from that country I felt called to, all the way from that part of the country I felt connected to.


I was already tired (my kryptonite) after working all day so the thought that maybe I would finally taste success, that was almost too much to handle.


My hope were high as I tore open the envelope and pulled out the letter.


And unfortunately they were again dashed.


Inside the envelope I was formally told that I was “unsuccessful” they actually used that dreaded word. I could feel Satan laughing at me, jeering me saying, “Haha you actually thought that you would have success, that you would be picked! It is never going to happen.”

 I was hurt and went for a walk.

 God walked with me and reminded me of some things that my daughter echoed when I returned.

 God picked me and that was enough.

  1. I was lead here by God, just as the Israelites were led to the edge of the Red Sea. I should be expectantly waiting for Gods goodness, just as they should have been. Why? Because we have seen His working in our lives before, we have seen His loving kindness as He has lead us here. We know that He is faithful, so why believe that we are doomed?
  2. If you want a testimony you have to be tested!

So I am still at the edge of the sea, waiting on God.

Yet even though I have no idea why God lead me all this way, I have to believe that it was not for nothing.

I have seen His love and caring for me and my children far too many times to doubt that His intentions…no that His plan for my life, is anything but the best,

So it doesn’t matter that it looks like there is no job for me in England, it does not matter that I have been called unsuccessful in the past!

I am know that God will come through, that He hears my prayers for guidance and that He will make a way to where He wants me to be.

Don’t let the little things, or the big things stop you!!!

If you believe that He has lead you to a place where you need a miracle to happen, then expect to see the miracle. Trust God!!!!

In the end He will get you to where you and I need to be.


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What signs does God give someone at 3 a.m.? This kind!


I woke up at three am, and while usually I wake up amidst Christian songs filling my head and good thought for my day, for whatever reason (maybe even for the purpose here) I woke up and the doubts started coming.

You know the doubts that come when you attempt to trust God against all odds. The doubts that say, “You know this will not work right?” “That you are going to look foolish in front of everyone you know?” “You know that you are going to do a disservice for Christ by showing those on the fence how you can get your hopes up and God will not be faithful to come through?” “You know that you are blowing it, big time….better to quite, hide, shrink back. Give up blogging and give up hope of ever going anywhere for God or doing anything great for Him…When it comes to having success….let’s face it you are just not the type!”  

Wow…so glad I do not wake up with these thought on a daily basis!

So anyway here I was….it was the middle of the night and the odds were stacked against me to have any kind of a great day…..but then my daughter heard me get up and wanted to remind me of something she called me (at 3 am) after talking with her I decided to check and see if there was any texts  (at 3 am), there was only one.

Before I tell you what I said you must know a few things

  1. My name is Lisa
  2. My friend works at night, at an apartment cabana, where she is there to give night visitors the packages that came in the day
  3. She sent the text hours before I receive it

It said that a package came in from the United Kingdom for someone named Lisa.

Now while some may think that is not really a sign from God, keep in mind that it was three am, doubts were filling my head and I believe it was just His way of reminding me that He is in this! He is the orchestrator and perfecter of the plans that He has for my life and yours.

Every time along the way when I have needed a boost to my faith, there was a small sign to keep me believing that I was going in the right direction.

So while one little sign may be like a snowflake, you get enough of them and it is a blizzard that cannot be ignored.

God will let you know if the path you are on is the path He set before you…just look for the signs.

How trusting God caused my world to come crashing in


This the update to my “A Christmas Miracle” blog post. For those that did not read it…basically God led me to have nothing prepared for Christmas for my family.

And to spend my money on other (needed) things and to trust Him to make it right.

Because I have four children (who are not so little anymore but still live at home), and because those children are used to getting spoiled at Christmas (even when I cannot afford it), this caused me great anxiety.

Every time I thought of how (potentially) my last Christmas with my children all under one roof would be an empty one, I began to feel like my world was crashing in around me.

But Faith

Yet I kept coming back to faith…simple, uncomplicated faith!

How could I trust Jesus to “save” me when I refused to trust Him to feed me. How could I trust him for all eternity when I could not trust him for one Christmas?

On my own I was shaky so I had to get back to solid ground.

I got out my Bible and read about how

The Scripture says, No man who believes in Him

[who adheres to, relies on, and trusts in Him]

will [ever] be put to shame or be disappointed.

(Romans 10:11 Amplified version).

I thought of all the people watching how all this “trusting God” business is going to play out… I realized that trusting God for Christmas is just a trial run for England and the rest of my future.

So I just allowed Him  the space He needed to show His goodness.

Any boy did He ever!

The Result

In the interest of brevity (something I am told is important in a blog post, and is something I am not very good at) I will just say that not only did God provide for every need we had (food, drink, etc) but He also took the focus off of the things and put it on our time together (not to mention Him).

As a result I spent two solid days hanging out with my family and talking and laughing…

We also went bowling…yes bowling. We are not big bowlers but we went on Christmas eve…at God’s leading…so much fun! And so many beautiful moments…like when I watched one child help another…so cool.

The Topper

And to top it off, God made sure there was a present for each of us under the tree…they were beyond awesome…mine made me cry because it is something I have wanted for a very long time.

There was a defining moment when we watched something on tv and one of the main characters said something like “people don’t often realize when they are living them, that one day these will be the moments that they wish they could re-live .”

Then it hit me

What gift God gave to me.

The Gift

The gift of foresight. How being able to drink in every second and really live in the moment with my beloved family.

In the hustle and bustle of Christmas, and daily living,  so many great moments often go unnoticed.  This gift of clarity has been a wake up call to me. I pray that I steward this gift well.

One Last Thing

He showed me that just as a bowling pins scatter, they are always made straight and set upright in the end…just like those who trust in Him.

Is your world crashing in around you? Trust in Gods good plan for your life and you will not be put to shame.


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