Christmas Miracle


This Christmas I have been led by God to forgo any presents for my children in lieu of putting the money towards time spent with them..

I have never done this before. Presents have always been the focus on Christmas when they really should not of been.

I sensed that God wanted to do something more, something much more amazing this year.

I thought it would work out great. That all things would fall into place.

But although none of my grown and nearly grown children care about the presents, they all have very different ideas of what they want to do on my tiny budget.

I felt led to share this (and the results) because I am Trusting God to somehow make a way in all this.

I am trusting God to bring me a miracle this Christmas.

To bring me and my family peace and joy.

His speciality.

P.s. Prayers Welcome:)

And Merry Christmas


I realize now that I miscalculated…we have ZERO money for Christmas, but I know this is just an opportunity to show how faithful God is…He has NEVER let me down before. Christmas will look exactly like How He planned it to look, I know this because I am giving it to Him and waiting expectantly for Him to come through!!

One thought on “Christmas Miracle

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